Supporting Start-ups

As a hardware startup, Cerevo has since 2008 been engaged in the design and development of proprietary products sold in more than 80 countries and territories. Through launching new products, we have developed a wide range of expertise in design management, development techniques, product management, marketing and PR.

With Cerevo’s start-up support program, we provide comprehensive support from initial design through to sales and marketing, sharing our expertise and knowledge as an invaluable member of your team.

Team making and building for the entire project

Project-wide team creation

We not only support product development but also service design, marketing, PR and much more. Cerevo will also support you and your team to gain vital expertise and knowledge throughout the project.

Rapid development

Fast and agile development

We emphasize the speed and rapidity of development that is achieved by working closely with your team. We support development by tailoring our team to your existing organizational workflow and product attributes.

Online support

Online support

In addition to meeting in person, we also continue to build on our capacity to offer online support that is not bound by time or place.

How Cerevo can support you

  1. Prototyping
    1. We assist with the development process early on, enabling the creation of prototypes and implementing methods to evaluate those prototypes as a team, as well as defining system specifications.
    2. Cerevo’s experienced engineers collaborate with the development team at this stage, working together to finalize prototypes.
  2. PR and Marketing
    1. At the early stage of a start-up company, there are many unique opportunities for PR and Marketing, such as the stories behind the first generation of products and services. However, it can be a challenge to hire dedicated PR and Marketing personnel to build effective strategies. Cerevo can join your team and assist in announcing your product or service, planning and executing community events and pursuing other effective means of widespread PR that enhance your value as a startup.
  3. Mass production
    1. Upon completion of the prototype, you move to PVT (process verification tests) using the actual production line. Cerevo’s mass production support works with your team to pursue PVT QA/QC at all steps of the process to ensure that the mass production line is functioning as planned. In addition, we assist with obtaining the necessary certifications and licensing in order to achieve mass production.
  4. Sales
    1. We offer support tailored to your product sector and strategy. This includes in-store management for volume stores and retailers, as well as dedicated staff who make the rounds to check inventory at various shops, and members equipped to assist with retail expertise. Cerevo also partners with your team to build your e-commerce web site and offer comprehensive digital strategies to support your online presence.
  5. Service design
    1. We take part in the design of your service from the early planning stages, accommodating the product manufacturing schedule and supporting this process critical to IoT products. Cerevo perform as dedicated strategic team members to propose and implement strategies for fundraising and increasing your corporate value as a start-up.

Cerevo offers services to help shape your IoT products.
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